Casters & Dollies

NEXEL CASTERS & DOLLY EQUIPMENT Nexel Stem Casters are available in several sizes and offer polyurethane, polymer or pneumatic wheels. Nexel Plate Casters feature dual raceways for better weight distribution and smoother swiveling. Their large-diameter ball bearings withstand the stress of sudden impact and extend the service life of the caster. Nexel Dolly Bases allow you to create a heavy duty, mobile wire shelving unit or wire cart. Dolly Bases include corner bumpers. Nexel Tie Bars connect stem casters across the narrow width dimension of the cart or truck. The Tie Bar size must match the width of the shelf. Please contact one of our shelving and storage specialists if you need help with product selection, configuration or design 800.794.4140 or chat Live chat with us for immediate assistance

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