Paramount Industrial Cabinets

Feature for feature, PARAMOUNT™ Industrial Cabinets are stronger than the competition. PARAMOUNT™ doors have extra large 4" barrel hinges with .375" pins; competition hinges are only 2.25" with .125" pins. PARAMOUNT™ shelves are boxed formed on all sides with dual channel reinforcements to maintain their shape; competition shelves are a single flat layer prone to sagging when loaded. PARAMOUNT™ .3125" round latching rods resist prying; competition .0938" flat rods can bend when doors are forced. PARAMOUNT™ 48C base is supported with an I-beam for rigidity; competition base allows the cabinet to flex, affecting proper door closure. PARAMOUNT™ includes (2) door handles for ease of closing.
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  • Combination Cabinets

  • Counter Height Cabinets

  • Storage Cabinets & Additional Shelves

  • Janitorial Cabinets

  • Wardrobe Cabinets

  • Medicine Cabinet