Security Units

LOCKABLE WIRE SECURITY UNITS & FOLDING WIRE TRUCKS BeyondShelving offers wire security units to provide a secure way to store valuable equipment, inventory and assets. Valuable items, susceptible to theft or shrinkage (examples: liquor, pharmaceuticals, healthcare supplies and expensive tools) will be kept under lock and key in these sturdy wire security units. Because the wire security units offer the same mobility of wire shelf trucks, you will have complete flexibility to transport goods throughout your entire facility. The lockable doors prevent items from falling out of t he wire security truck while in transit. Open 2" square grid mesh ensures high visibility, while lockable double door (which can open a full 270 degrees) keeps all contents protected. Security units feature adjustable levelers. Our folding steel shelf truck folds to a compact 6-1/2" and has a 2,000 Lb. capacity. These rugged, highly versatile trucks fold to save valuable floor space. They also offer an unobstructed view of interior contents. The fold-up shelves can accommodate bulky, higher weight items and will allow the units to fold completely flat or nest in a compact "L-shape". A spring-loaded latch safely secures the folded shelves. Please contact one of our shelving and storage specialists if you need help with product selection, configuration or design 800.794.4140 or Live chat with us for immediate assistance

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