Shelf & Tray Trucks

NEXEL WIRE SHELF TRUCKS & WIRE SHELF TRAY TRUCKS Our Wire Shelf Trucks lead the industry in quality and durability. These wire shelf trucks provide high visibility and easy 4-way access. They ensure quick and efficient inventory control. Wire shelf trucks are ideal for any type of mobile storage requirements. They allow air to circulate throughout, eliminating dust and dirt build-up. These units allow you to keep linens, food items, stocked products and other regularly used items on hand, throughout the workplace. The Nexel Tray Trucks feature an open design that allows easy access and removal of contents, while minimizing dust accumulation and providing maximum air circulation. Highly space efficient. Trays adjust and remove easily and quickly. Please contact one of our shelving and storage specialists if you need help with product selection, configuration or design 800.794.4140 or Live chat with us for immediate assistance.

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