Space Trac Systems

NEXEL SPACE TRAC SYSTEMS Nexel Space-Trac systems allow you to maximize your storage capacity with minimum floor space. Nexel Space-Trac is designed to eliminate unnecessary aisles while increasing the number of shelving units that can be used in a designated area. Combining stationary and mobile wire shelving units, connected by a stainless steel overhead track, will virtually double your storage space in a very cost-effective manner. Please contact one of our shelving and storage specialists if you need help with product selection, configuration or design 800.794.4140 or Live chat with us for immediate assistance

  • Mobile Unit Kits

  • Stationary Unit Kit

  • Guide Bars

  • Guide Bar End Cap

  • Guide Block

  • Joining Insert

  • Locking Collar

  • Standard Wire Shelves

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